KingdomX has been offering anonymous web hosting and domain names, under the same ownership, since 1999.

Whether your website is political, personal or even a parody, we understand your needs and right to privacy. We do not require personal info or a credit card.

Q. Why would someone want an anonymous hosting account and website? Do they have something to hide?

A. Most web hosting companies take the position that you must have “something to hide” if you want to remain anonymous. We don’t believe that is true. Those companies treat you like a criminal suspect, but we will treat you like a VIP! The majority of our business comes from political organizations and campaigns who are doing nothing wrong, but were tired of being harassed by other organizations and their supporters, just because of their political views and positions.

Your organization or business is sure to enjoy our under-crowded servers, our many payment options and the fact that you are absolutely anonymous with us.

There are no set-up fees.