Q. Where are you located?

A. We are in Texas.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. We have been in business since 1998 under the same name and ownership.

Q. Will you do work for me for free if I promise you a percentage of my business?

A. No.

Q. You had an advertised special or coupon code last week or someone from your company offered me a discount, is that still valid?

A. We do occasionally offer discounts or coupon codes on a very limited basis, and they are usually only available for a short period of time.

Q. I am an existing client and I need help with my account, what should I do?

A. Please fill out a support ticket here. We do not handle support VIA an email address, because we have no way to track it, also if you are having issues, we may not even get your email at all. Requests sent by email may or may not be received by the appropriate person in a reasonable amount of time. For example, maybe the person you are emailing directly is off that weekend, that means you won’t get support for days. Don’t let that happen!

Q. My website is down, what happened?

A. If our website is up, then it is not a server issue, so it must be something else. Usually it is an expired domain name, check that first. The next thing you will want to determine is if someone with your company messed up the code, if so, and if you require us to fix it, we will gladly give you a quote, which will depend on the severity of the issue. If you find that OUR website is down as well, then it is going to be a server issue OR we are running server updates or maintenance, and things will be back to normal shortly. If OUR website is down, we are aware of it and we will take care of it. Feel free to reach us on Facebook if this turns out to be the case.

Q. What types of payments do you accept?

A. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal funds, Western Union and cash. We do not accept checks.

Q. Do you charge an additional fee if I pay with a credit card?

A. No.

Q. How long does it take for my website to be finished?

A. Once you place your order and pay for it online, your website project goes into the project queue and will not commence until you have sent us ALL the requested information including text, content, photos, contact info, etc. Once we receive all the requested items, we will start working on your project. Depending on the scope of your project, it could be a few days, or it may take a few weeks. If you fail to send us all the info that we have requested, it could take a lot longer!

Q. My website is taking longer than I expected. Why?

A. When a design project stalls, it is almost always because the clients have not sent us everything we have asked for.

Q. My web hosting renewal date is not the same as the date my website first went live, why is that?

A. Once you place an order, we immediately set up your webhosting/email account and you are able to access it and start using your email.

Q. I really want to get a Smart TV Channel, what do I need to do?

A. You must have a content library of at least 20 high quality videos. Each video must be less than one hour long. Once you have that, we can get started!

Q. Do you do in-person consultations?

A. Time is a precious resource that cannot be replaced. If the size and scope of the project warrants it, and there is a need for us to have a meeting, we can set up a consultation for local clients. If you are not yet a client, we will advise you of the fee and send you an invoice prior to the meeting. If you become a client within 10 days of the meeting, that fee will be deducted from your project cost.

Q. How can I access the admin area of my new website?

A. Once the website is completed and approved, you will have access.

Q. When KingdomX designs our website or online store, who owns it?

A. The client owns the finished project and will have full access to it once it is paid in full and signed off on. We do not use hidden or sneaky code like some companies in our industry do.

Q. Do your annual web hosting fees include changes and updates to my website?

A. No. Web hosting is a different service than a website. The annual web hosting includes security updates and hosting maintenance. If you want website maintenance, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Q. Am I required to have KingdomX as my hosting company?

A. We no longer do web development on third party servers unless you already own a dedicated server with the required specifications.

Q. Why do you only offer annual web hosting accounts?

A. We have been a hosting company since the 1990s and what we learned early on is that monthly billing and collections is a huge expense and requires a lot of work. We found that most of our clients are running stable businesses and don’t mind prepaying for a year, it helps them as well.

Q. What is your billable hourly rate?

A. For projects (websites, etc) it is $75.00 per hour.

Q. What happens if I attempt a chargeback for your services?

A. We will see you in court. If you have ANY issues with your sales rep, with customer service, or with your project, the best thing to do is to contact us and we will work out a solution. Since our hourly project cost is $75.00 per hour and our consulting rate is $100.00 per hour, the chances are pretty good that the flat rate amount that you paid is far lower than if we charged hourly.

Q. What is “scope creep”?

A. That is when a client attempts to expand the project beyond what they paid for or beyond our agreement. Every company is different, so If you have any questions about what you are getting or what is included in our pricing, please just ask! We do not want any misunderstandings any more than you do =)

Q. Can my account ever be terminated?

A. We know anyone can have a bad day (including us!) but, we expect that the people we do business with understand that we are here to help them – because giving good customer service is what has enabled our company to grow and stay in business for almost 20 years. We know misunderstandings can arise, and we are willing to work it out, but you need to let us know if there are issues that need to be resolved. Having said that, If you violate our terms, or if you violate our agreement, or if you attempt a chargeback, or if you do not pay your invoice or renewal fees on-time, your account will be terminated without further notice or refund. We will also terminate clients who threaten any of our staff, verbally abuse any of our staff or disparage our staff or company online or by any other method.