People love to talk, so online rating sites like Yelp can be great – or because of your competitors and trolls, it can be devastating. You must protect your online reputation.

Out of all the online ratings and review websites, Yelp is the most prominent and Yelp seems to always show up in the top three when you do a Google search on a business. In other words, most people see your Yelp reviews before they go to your website – and if you have a large percentage of bad ratings – they may never go to your website or do business with you at all.

Results of  a 2014 Nielsen Yelp Study/Survey:

  • 42.6% of Yelp users are ages 18-34
  • 82% of Yelp users go to Yelp because they intend to buy a product
  • 59.3% of Yelpers have some college or have a college degree.

And that should not be the only concern about negative ratings. Potential employees considering a position with your company will likely do their due diligence before applying with your company. What does your online reputation say about you?

Bottom line: If you have a lot of negative reviews, it is costing your business – big time! It’s very frustrating and you’ve probably tried to get them removed on your own, but you’ve already found out that it is next to impossible.

We will work very hard on your behalf with not only fixing bad reviews and ratings, but getting illegitimate ones removed and we will work on crafting a long term winning solution for your company.

Warning: There are sketchy companies that are charging $25.00 – $50.00 and more to give you 5 star reviews. Unfortunately, those are usually removed within 10 days and your ratings will go even lower than before. Yelp will also put a consumer alert on your page, and the public will see it.

Getting negative Yelp (and other negative online reviews) fixed is a specialty that not many are successful at, because it is a complicated process that takes time to do right. There are no shortcuts and we do not “game the system”. You’ll need to be patient.

Don’t worry anymore, we can start improving your online ratings right away!

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(Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Yelp or any other online review website)

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