Own your own affiliate marketing system.
Grow your online sales force.
No network fees.
No deposits.
Make your own rules.
Price includes all setup!
*This is an add-on, you’ll need an online store first.

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Grow your online sales force.
Only pay commissions when a sale happens.
Avoid high fees from affiliate program networks.
When you purchase this affiliate program system, you own it!
No deposits. No contracts. No monthly fees.
You decide how much to pay your affiliates and when.
You can pay your affiliate commissions with a percentage of sales or a set dollar amount.
You must have a wordpress website and an online store.

What is an affiliate program and why do you need one? Well, if you are selling anything online, whether it is a product, a service or something downloadable, having an affiliate program (like Amazon’s Associate’s Program) means you have an online sales team! A team of people that YOU approve (or reject) who will place your banners, ads and text links on their website, to promote YOUR website. The best part is, it is free advertising for you – until they actually sell something.

For example: You have an online store with an affiliate program. I would go to your website and sign up for the affiliate program. Once you have approved me, I can then login and get affiliate tracking links or banners to put on MY website. When my visitors come to MY website and see your banners, they click thru and buy something. The software immediately tracks the purchase, and I get the credit for the sale. When payday rolls around, you pay me my commission. SIMPLE!

You, the advertiser (merchant) get to decide how much you want to pay for each sale. And having your own program means you get to decide when to pay. Some programs pay every week. Some pay twice a month. Some pay once a month. Some only pay once the affiliate has reached a certain dollar amount in sales.

Owning your own affiliate program not only gives YOU complete control over your program, but it also saves you a lot of money. That’s because many advertisers (with large budgets) use Affiliate Networks that have thousands of affiliates to choose from, and that’s great, but it is very expensive AND you have a lot of competition and unless you are a big name, chances are, you won’t be noticed.

  • Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing advertising method and it is very cost effective.
  • It will track the referrals your affiliates send to your site and give commissions appropriately.
  • Your affiliates can signup, log into their affiliate portal to get the ad code. Then they are ready to promote your products and services.
  • Affiliate signup, profile maintenance, account login, referral code generation, etc is fully automated once we have set it up and configured it for you.
  • The referral clicks and sales are tracked in real time. So your affiliates can check referrals anytime by logging into their account.
  • Sign up an unlimited number of affiliates. You will never have to pay more to have more affiliates promoting your products and services.
  • You decide how you want to reward your affiliates. You can choose to pay your affiliates a flat rate or a percentage of the sale amount.
  • View all your affiliates, their profiles, account status all from the admin dashboard.
  • Easily modify the information that gets sent to your affiliates via email right from the admin panel.
  • You can configure as many affiliate banners or text links as you wish. Plus, you can easily activate or deactivate creatives as needed.
  • You can decide how much or how little data to collect from your affiliates when they sign up. You can mark each field as optional or required.
  • You own it! That means, no percentages and no network fees!

Other key features include: Real-time reporting, unlimited affiliates, flat rate or percentage based payouts, set payout rates on a per-affiliate basis, manual adjustments and payouts, unlimited creatives, customizable affiliate registration, customizable email templates, affiliate ad impression tracking and plenty more.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a third party app and any tech support for this app is provided by the third party. Your purchase from KingdomX includes the app, installation and initial configuration. There are premium upgrade versions available for an additional fee.