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$1,299.95 $999.95

Full featured classified ad system.
Price includes installation and the initial configuration.
Price includes the basic website with extra features.
You can charge a fee for people to place an ad.
You can offer free classified ads.
More details below.

Product Description

This is a feature-rich, highly-configurable classifieds system!

  • Ad Features
    1. Search ads by city, state, country, username, or keyword
    2. Allow AdSense ads to be displayed
    3. Control over HTML use in ads
    4. Limit the text size of ad postings
    5. Standard form fields can be enabled or disabled, depending on your needs (title, website, name, country, etc)
    6. Allow or disallow image posting with ads
    7. Automatic expiration of ads (free or paid)
    8. Configurable ad display for AdSense placement

Get notified:

  • Notification Features
    1. Allow posters to be notified of expiring ads
    2. Allow admin to be notified when new ads are posted
    3. Classified ad users can contact the ad poster without exposing the poster’s email (blind email system, similar to Craigslist)

Several payment options for your users:

  • Payment Features
    1. Allows for paid or free ads
    2. Supports PayPal
    3. Allow for image posting limits higher than free ads
    4. Multiple fee scales for posting ads (allows you to have longer ad postings with higher fees)
    5. Variable ad expiration lengths connected to fee scale (e.g. allow ads to run for 30 days for $10, 60 days for $15, etc)

You have ultimate control over your ads:

  • Ad Posting
    1. Allow admin to approve ads prior to posting
    2. Allow admin to approve images prior to posting
    3. Users can edit or delete their own ads
    4. Admin can edit or delete all ads in the system
    5. Secure system gives users a unique editing key to administer their own ads
    6. Allows for limiting image posting (by image size, height, width and total count if desired)
  • Image Features
    1. Allow image posting or shut it off completely
    2. Control the number, filesize, height and width of images posted
    3. Allow for different numbers of images to be posted with paid ads vs. free ads
    4. Allow for image approval prior to posting