Add a Wishlist to your online store.
Keeps people coming back.
Dynamic, customizable and so very cool!
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Wishlist is a simple but powerful tool that can help you to convert your site visitors into loyal customers. There are many situations when customers can’t buy a product at this time or simply don’t want to. The possibility of saving products for later encourages users to return to your site and after all, make a purchase.

Adding products to Wishlist is easy and convenient so it may also encourage your customers to buy even more products than they planned. Users can share their wishlist, for example, to help their friends choose a gift for upcoming holiday and so on. By sharing their Wishlists, they are bringing you, new potential customers. All in all this increasing amount of your site visitors, conversion and as a result sales.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a third party app and any tech support for this app is provided by the third party. Your purchase from KingdomX includes the app, installation and configuration. There are premium upgrade versions available for an additional fee.