But that doesn’t mean we are stuck in the 90’s! We are always learning and seeking out new ways to help our clients be successful. Keeping up with the newest technology and learning it fast gives you a better, faster and more affordable experience. And that is something we are proud of! We are based in TEXAS and we only use vendors based in the United States – we never farm out your projects or information to other countries.

We are here to HELP you and help YOUR BUSINESS succeed – We earn your business and your trust by delivering on our promises.

HIGH IMPACT WEBSITES – Yes, we make high impact websites, but we also do website consulting for those businesses who already have a web team in place. We own our own web hosting service so we can provide you with excellent, business class web hosting and email.

E-COMMERCE SYSTEMS – Most of our competitors take weeks and often MONTHS to set up an online store. At KingdomX, we can set up your online store of 50 items or less in one week or less! We do ALL the work! Our all inclusive price is much cheaper than GoDaddy and Shopify – in fact, it’s less than half!

YOUTUBE VIDEOS – We set up and manage YouTube and DailyMotion accounts. We also create videos! Great for sharing on social media and in newsletters. We can provide the royalty free music, video images, photos, text and more.

SMART TV APPS – Our newest service! If you have the budget, this is a must have for your business. It’s like having your own TV channel and anyone, anywhere with a Smart TV can watch your channel anytime!

SOCIAL MEDIA SET-UP AND MANAGEMENT – We have set up and managed hundreds and hundreds of social media accounts. We also know how to drive thousands of real and relevant viewers to your page. Let us help you succeed. You’ll see the difference immediately.

AUTO DEALERS – There is no other industry that we see over and over again making more critical mistakes with their websites, online marketing and social media than this industry. The good news is – this can be fixed! This is your chance to rise above your competitors!

AFFILIATE PROGRAM SOFTWARE – Get started with your OWN associates program and watch your sales SKYROCKET! Our system will allow you to sign up thousands of online sales associates (affiliates) so they can promote YOUR product on THEIR website. Once you buy from us – YOU ACTUALLY OWN IT! No contracts and no ongoing fees.

BUSINESS CLASS WEB HOSTING – KingdomX blocks all bad traffic (Russia, Ukraine, China, Bad Bots, Etc.) to our servers. We don’t allow spammers or sketchy companies to take resources away from other clients. We only allow a maximum of 200 accounts on one server, while hosting farms, such as GoDaddy, allows thousands of accounts per server – which negatively effects other clients.

ONLINE RATINGS AND REVIEWS – Bad online ratings and reviews on Yelp, Google, or any other ratings site can be devastating to your business. You’ve tried and tried to get them removed, but you are at your wit’s end. We can help – today!