Get An Online Store!
Get An Online Store!

KingdomX is the place to go for your new online store! We have been doing e-commerce for several years! We know there are numerous places you can go to get an online store, but, not only are our prices much lower than GoDaddy and Shopify (way lower!), but at KingdomX, you will actually OWN your own store. There are no contracts or tons of extra fees for the important things you need.

Even more important is that we not only make your store look great and operate like a champ, but we do extensive backend work (that most people don’t even see) such as extensive SEO on each and every product or service that you sell. We also submit each page individually to the major search engines. When you get a store from KingdomX, we also include a domain name AND the SSL certificate. KingdomX offers different annual web hosting plans for your store.

At KingdomX, you’re getting more than an online store, you’re also getting a full 5 page website to go with it! You’ll get a custom contact page with a form, a newsletter app which will popup and collect email addresses from website visitors (and the software to send out your own email newsletter which is free up to 5,000 email addresses!), you’ll get a free basic text logo and a lot more – included!!

When KingdomX designs your new online store, we work FAST because we know you don’t have time to waste! And speaking of not wasting your time, let’s get straight to the prices! The comparison prices are from March 2017 and are subject to change.

If you order a 50 item online store from Shopify, they charge $3,588.00 EVERY YEAR!! They also charge you a percentage of your sales (crazy, aint it?).

When you order a 50 item online store from GoDaddy, they charge you $3,200.00 for the first year! Even worse, they take WEEKS to design your online store!

Here are the prices at KingdomX (please check our online store for specials and discounts which are available certain times of the year):

For a complete online store for up to 25 items, our total price is $1,299.95 (plus web hosting).

For a complete online store for 26-50 items, our total price is only $1,499.95 (plus web hosting).

For a complete online store for 51-100 items, our total price is only $2,499.95 (plus web hosting).

And don’t forget, not only is our pricing better BUT we include all the SEO – for free!

If you have more than 100 items, give us a call at 888-522-3434 for pricing information.

But wait! There’s more!

We can go above and beyond a simple online store and we can actually make you an online marketplace, similar to Etsy, where you can *rent* space to other online sellers so they can have their OWN store on YOUR website!

Take a look at all our e-commerce solutions. Order today and you’ll be on your way!